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About Us

EASTCONN’s team of secretaries, who created this web site, offers a wealth of experience and expertise, providing many years of professional office experience. Staff includes experts in organization, Microsoft Office products, problem-solving, time management and much more. Each team member is unique and brings with her skills and experience to share and teach others. The team has put together tips on these pages to help others learn methods and short cuts to assist in making their work easier.

The team welcomes feedback and would love to hear from you regarding additional tips which could be incorporated into our pages. If you have questions which need answers, send them along too....we’ll learn together!

Below is a short biography of each team member, her expertise and email address.

Mary Ellen Morrarty 1984 Mary Ellen has been facilitator of EASTCONN’s copy and distribution center for many years. Her ability to juggle tasks and pay attention to details are valuable contributions to the organization and to our team. She has a flair for taking time with all her customers, giving them exceptional attention. Mmorrarty@eastconn.org
Arlene Becker 1987 While Arlene’s name is readily known within the BEST program, she has acquired skills in managing projects, grant preparation and problem solving. She has excellent phone skills and is great at working with big picture projects, while making the details all come together. Abecker@eastconn.org
Lorna Gounaris 1992 Lorna’s background is in education, but she spent many years in the corporate world, bringing a different perspective to our non-profit office. She is an expert in dealing with details, routinely prepares grants, reports and works independently on different projects. Lgounaris@eastconn.org
Lynn Dziurgot 1997

Lynn uses big picture information to conceptualize the day -to - day program activities and then makes them happen. She has acquired extensive MS word skills in her work with preparing curriculum over the years. Her desire is to make a difference in the lives of her customers. She also encourages a very supportive office culture.

Nancy Jagaczewski 1997 Nancy has a passion for learning new things. She has been involved in many different projects in her tenure at EASTCONN and has streamlined processes and learned new skills while doing so. Her skills and interest in taking on new projects is an asset to our office. Njagaczewski@eastconn.org
Donna Sylvestre 1999 Donna is the team’s “challenger”; looking for ways to question and experiment with our current methods, exploring ways to make processes simpler, a “go-getter”. She takes ownership for projects and works well independently as well as in a team. Dsylvestre@eastconn.org
Dara Bowling 2001 Dara has well honed technology skills and has been a great teacher to many other EASTCONN colleagues as they acquire new skills. As a future teacher herself, she has used her expertise in her coursework, her volunteer work and expects to continue to do so as she aspires to work with students in the future.
Linda Robert 2003 Linda oversees the registration and revenue collection for EASTCONN’s conference office. She has extensive customer phone experience and has an eye for detail. She takes special care of her customers and provides added touches that make them feel noticed and unique. Lrobert@eastconn.org
Diane Yeager 2006 Diane has been immersed in our Advanced Placement programs since her arrival. She has become very well versed in managing details and scheduling events across New England. Her preciseness and “get it done” attitude, along with her willingness to learn new skills has made her a great team member. Dyeager@eastconn.org
Kathy Parlin 2007 Kathy is our newest addition. She has substituted in local schools and has a fresh set of eyes we hope will bring new questions and new ideas to the team. Her recent technology coursework provides newly learned tips and innovations which we expect will spark creativity in all of us. Kparlin@eastconn.org















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