Create a Book Trailer

The purpose of this lesson is to make reading fun and exciting for students, provide an alternate form of assessment to the dreaded book report, and get students involved in the community of content creators by making book trailers to post on the Internet. Students will create a book trailer using a technology tool such as Windows Movie Maker, Photo Story 3, iMovie, BubbleShare, Voki or Voice Thread.

Create a Book Trailer Lesson
Movie Trailers at
Movie/Book Trailer Analysis Worksheet
Student Directions
Book Trailer Examples

Book Trailer Planning Template
Storyboard Videos
Book Trailer Storyboard Template
Book Trailer Rubric

Additional Resources:
Technology Tools

Making Book Trailers with PhotoStory 3
Make a Book Trailer Free













Book Trailer Examples

The Recess Queen
The Reluctant Runaway
Love, Meg
The Children of Hurin
Al Capone Does My Shirts
Days of Tears Trailer














Storyboarding Videos

The first part of this video provides an excellent overview about why storyboarding is important. Watch it up to 2 minutes on the timer

This video also emphasizes why storyboarding is important and goes into more detail about how to storyboard.

An excellent example of how professional movie-makers use storyboards.

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