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A District Assessment System for Learning:

Assessment Mapping
Multiple Measures: Purposes, Types and Audience of Assessments
Diagnostic Assessments
Developing Grading and Reporting Systems
Getting the Most out of Your PSAT
Assessment Collection and Reporting Tools

Diagnostic Assessments


Northwest Evaluation Association The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping all children learn. NWEA provides research-based assessments, professional training, and consulting services to improve teaching and learning.





Scantron Assessment Solutions
EASTCONN has partnered with Scantron to offer affordable computer-based assessment solutions that allow districts to quickly and easily design assessments for individual students or classes of students, and to analyze assessment results on an ongoing basis. Teachers or administrators can either develop their own classroom or benchmark assessments, or take advantage of pre-developed online tests that adapt automatically to each student's individual instructional level.
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