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ELL Strategies


ELL Tips for Teachers Tips This useful resource explains what each ELL Level means and what teachers can do.

2006 English Mastery Standards This table show the CMT and DRA mastery standards for ELL students


ELL Strategies for Classroom Teachers
The ELL student faces many challenges in the regular classroom and the sensitive teacher can make a big difference. There are strategies to be used that can make the curriculum comprehensible for the ELL student. This workshop will explore many approaches and ideas to be utilized by any grade school or content area teacher. We will also discuss some “sheltered English” methods.

Understanding ESOL LanguageDevelopment Levels
There are many variables that can classify the ELL students coming into your class. Therefore, understanding the different levels of English language development is crucial. This workshop will introduce participants to the attributes that can be expected at the different levels in an easy-to-use format. Participants will also learn about the important difference between “basic” language and “academic” language.

LAS Links Training
LAS (Language Assessment Scales) Links is an integrated system of reliable, research-based assessments and instructional guidance for all English language learners. This workshop will provide the training necessary for administering and scoring all levels of the new test required by the Connecticut State Department of Education. All the components of the tests will be discussed and participants will practice scoring.

Strategies & Lesson Ideas for ELL Paraprofessionals & Tutors
In working with English Language Learners, a support person should have a basic understanding of the different stages of language acquisition and have many instructional ideas available. If the student is new to this country, there are strategies available for support staff to make the most efficient use of the precious support time available. This workshop will provide the background information, along with many strategies, lesson ideas and learning games for paraprofessionals and tutors to use with students.

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