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We are excited about using a wiki this year for our book discussions. The wiki will be password protected so that only people participating in the project will be able to access it. We chose to use a wiki this year because we believe they are easier to use and navigate.

In addition to discussion boards, wikis also allow multiple authors to add and edit content. We have added a new feature to our project this year which makes use of the collaborative authoring capability of wikis.

How to Discuss on the Wiki

To enter the wiki, click on a link below. You can also access the wiki from the Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! home page.
Go to the Intermediate Wiki (4-6)
Go to the Teen Wiki (7-8)

Click here for directions: How to Discuss on the Spice it Up a Notch! Wiki

Discussing on the Wiki Resources



Click here to learn more about wikis.


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