The Interest Bound Book Foldable®

Students use the Interest Bound Book Foldable® to collect the names of things, places, and people that they are interested in learning more about. They will then research one or more of the topics they have listed. They will use their research to add links to websites and pages they have written onto the Wikiproject pages.

  1. Set the purpose for the Interest Bound Book Foldable® by introducing students to the Wikiproject.
  2. Have students make the Interest Bound Book Foldable®.
  3. Have students make the Pocket Book Foldable®.
  4. The Interest Book Foldabe® can be kept on one side of the Pocket Book Foldable®. The other side of the Pocket Book Foldable® is reserved for any notes that the students take.
  5. Show students how to jot down the names of people, places and things that they have been reading about in the Nutmeg books and want to learn more about on the pages of their interest book. Tell them to write down a few questions they have under the name. Explain that they will be choosing one or more of the topics in their Interest Book to research.
  6. After students have collected some interests while reading the Nutmeg books, ask students to choose interests from their Interest Books that they'd most like to research. Decide who will research what for the wiki.
  7. Teach students how to research the topics, evaluating and citing sources and taking notes that they will use to write a new page for the WikiProject.
  8. Teach students how to add links to webpages and write new wiki pages, providing wiki readers with information about topics mentioned in the stories.

You will need:

How to Make the Interest Bound Book Foldable®
How to Make the Pocket Book Foldable®


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