Have Your Voice be Heard!
Persuade Others to Vote for Your Favorite Book!

Think about how we are persuaded in our daily lives. We don't even realize sometimes that we are constantly being persuaded to buy, think, or read certain things. Every day our opinions are shaped by clever people through advertisements, reviews, commericials, articles, podcasts, and radio.

This is your chance to be clever and convince others to vote for your favorite Nutmeg nominee! Here is how:

First, take a look at some ways people are persuading others through a variety of formats. As you listen to, read and view them, ask yourself:

What are they doing that appeals to the reader, listener or viewer?
What makes their persusive piece good?

Next, decide what format you want to use to persuade. Do you want to write a review or story for others to read? Or make a visual like a poster or slideshow for others to view? Do you want to create an audio like a radio commercial or book review for others to listen to? Or make a video like a commercial or review for others to watch?

Next, create your persuasive piece. You can use this rubric to help you evaluate the quality of your piece.

Finally, publish your piece for others to see! You can either post it on the wiki or send it to sblc@eastconn.org for us to publish it on the wiki.


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