Putting it All Together: Implementing the Project in Your Classroom

Here are is a possible sequence for implementing the project compenents in your classroom.These are just suggestions to help guide your planning. Modify as needed.

  1. Obtain multiple copies of the Nutmeg Award Nominees.
  2. Introduce the project to the students.
  3. Divide students into literature circle groups or guided reading groups. New to literature circles? Click here for resources to get you started.
  4. While students read, have them respond to the books in their Response Journal. Provide them with specific prompts to respond to and discuss in their literature circle groups.
  5. Prepare students for the online discussions with the What's a Good Discussion Response? lesson.
  6. Provide time for students to discuss the books they are reading on the Nutmeg wiki discussion boards.
  7. Use the Student Discussion Response Checklist as an ongoing informative assessment.
  8. Introduce the Interest Book. Ask students to collect their interests while they are reading.
  9. Introduce the Story Elements Layered Look Book. Ask students to complete the Beginning story elements in their literature circles.
  10. Compare and contrast the beginning Story Elements whole class.
  11. Have students use the information they wrote in their Story Elements Layered Look Book to help them write about the elements on the WikiProject book pages.
  12. Continue steps 4-9 with 2 more rounds of literature circles, completing the middle and end elements in the Story Elements Layered Look Book.
  13. Ask students to choose interests from their Interest Books that they'd most like to research. Decide who will research what for the wiki.
  14. Teach students how to research the topics, analyzing sources for validity, citing sources and taking notes.
  15. Teach students how to add links to webpages and write new wiki pages, providing wiki readers with information about topics mentioned in the stories.



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