Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! WikiProject

What is the Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! Wiki Project?

The Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg Wiki Project's goal is to create an encyclopedia for the Nutmeg Award nominees. Each book will have its own page full of information related to the book. Participating students will collaborate on the same pages, editing, enhancing and revising each other's content where they see fit. Click here to see an example.

The wiki project will be available on the Internet for anyone to read and use. Kids, teachers, book reviewers, parents, professors, librarians and others will be able to use the articles in the encyclopedia to learn about information related to the Nutmeg books.

To enter the wiki, click on a link below. You can also access the wiki from the Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! home page.
Go to the Intermediate Wiki (4-6)
Go to the Teen Wiki (7-8)

What is a wiki?

"A wiki is a web site that lets any visitor become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. A wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration whose purpose is the sharing of the creative process and product by many."
From Teachers First Wiki Walkthrough

Wikipedia is an example of a wiki. One person does not do all of the writing for the Wikipedia articles. Many people write the articles collaboratively. For example, let's say that someone (we will call him Bob) is reading an article on Wikipedia about the rivers in Connecticut. As Bob was reading, he noticed that some of the information about the river near his house was inaccurate. In Wikipedia, Bob changes that information. He writes a note in the discussion board explaining why he changed the information. Now let's also say that Lisa is also reading the same article about Connecticut rivers in Wikipedia. Lisa's class had just learned all about the wildlife in and around the rivers. As she reads, she notices that no one has written anything about the river wildlife. Lisa adds what she has learned about river wildlife to the article in Wikipedia.

Wikis allow multiple users to add and edit content. Users can add pictures, audio, and video to the pages. Another thing that writers can do is add hyperlinks. Let's use Lisa as an example again. Lisa is writing about the animals and plants found in and around the Connecticut rivers. As she uses names of the animals and plants in her writing, she can create a link from the names to new pages. On the new page she writes more detailed information about each animal and plant.

Take a look at a wikipedia article about the book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. When you get there, click on some of the underlined words or phrases in the article. Notice how the link takes you to a new page, providing you with more information about the word or phrase that you clicked on.

Wikipedia Article: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

How Do We Participate in the Spice it Up a Notch! Wiki Project?

If you haven't already done so, send an email to sblc@eastconn.org. Include your name, grade level, and the name of your school. You will receive a confirmation email with information about how to get started.

WikiProject Instructional Videos

How to Write About a Story on the WikiProject A video that shows how to use the wiki tools to write about a story on the Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! WikiProject.

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