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Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum



Mathematics and Literature
Engaging and relevant literature has been written for children and adolescents. A variety of these beautiful stories have a mathematics theme, making them rich resources to connect math and language. Gorgeous illustrations from books such as Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar by Mitsumasa Anno and One Grain of Rice by Demi illuminate complex mathematical concepts. Solving math problems is the plot of other stories such as “Buttons, Buttons” in Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel and Betcha! Estimating by Stuart J. Murphy and S. D. Schindler.

This professional development explores aligning literature with mathematics themes with Connecticut’s Math Framework. Technology applications and useful web links relevant to the literature are included.

To bring this training to your school or district, contact Pam Skelly
860-455-0029 ext.

SMART Board in the Classroom

SMART Board technology provides an opportunity to truly make your instruction more effective for your students. The SMART Board and its related software is used with a computer and a projection device.

The interactive whiteboard feature of the SMART Board is its most basic use. Learning how to use the SMART Board for mouse clicking and writing with virtual pens is incredibly easy. SMART Notebook software is used to capture whiteboard notes and build interactive lessons. SMART Tools are also available for playing videos or recording and playing back lessons.

SMART Board activities, lessons and SMART notebooks (presentation application) are used at various educational levels worldwide. Many educational web sites have SMART Board ideas and resources archived and available to be shared. These sites are explored during the SMART Board professional development.

The basic interactive features of the SMART Board can be learned in a few hours. To truly be comfortable integrating all the features will take more time and practice. Development of a classroom unit is an excellent way to learn the basics, explore learning opportunities, and, find and develop lessons.

SMART Board is the Interactive Whiteboard from SMART Technologies, Inc.

For information about how to bring SMART Board training to your school or district, contact Pam Skelly
860-455-0029 ext. 3037













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