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Social, Emotional and Behavorial Competence

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Addressing Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Barriers to Learning Schools’ needs to meet NCLB’s requirements to close the achievement gap and ensure that EVERY child makes AYP have compelled them to look critically at identifying essential academic standards and strengthening both curriculum and instructional pedagogy. While this focus is essential, for many students, barriers to learning exist in other than the academic domain.

Book Review- Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, & Steve VanBockern

UCLA School Mental Health Project: Center for Mental Health in Schools SMHP works closely with school districts, local and state agencies, special initiatives, and organizations and colleagues across the country.

Illinois Social-Emotional Learning Standards The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has posted the first-ever state SEL Learning Standards in the U.S. They were developed by ISBE with input from teams of teachers and other advisors, including CASEL, in response to a recent legislative mandate.

Response to Intervention A new approach to reading instruction aims to catch struggling readers early


Social-Emotional-Behavioral Barriers to Learning and Teaching Support Services
EASTCONN can help you determine strategies and interventions to address your students' social, emotional and behavioral challenges in ways that allow you to improve student learning. Consultation, training and technical assistance is available.

To learn more, contact: Vivian Batterson
Voice Mail: 860-455-0029, box 3039

Motivating ALL Learners: What's Essential?
In today's reality of the standards-based, results driven, inclusion classroom, more than ever educators need systematic approaches that engage all learners. Learn research based strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom and school that help motivate the most reluctant student.

To bring this workshop to your school or district, contact: Vivian Batterson
860-455-0029, box 3039

Supporting the Development of Students' Social-Emotional-Behavioral Competence

Educators' attempts to ensure that students make adequate yearly progress are often frustrated by the presence of social, emotional and behavioral challenges that interfere with both learning and teaching. This workshop will explore positive school-wide, classroom-focused, and student-specific frameworks and strategies that promote social, emotional and behvioral competence.

To bring this workshop to your school or district, contact: Vivian Batterson
860-455-0029, box 3039












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