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Technology Tips


How to use the Outlook Calendar feature as a Tickler File Outlook Email has a calendar feature where you can enter reminders to yourself on specific days.

How to Manage Your Email Files Tips for keeping your emails organized.

Microsoft Office

Periodically Microsoft Office workshops are offered through EASTCONN's Conference Office. Please visit www.eastconn.org and click on Workshops to view the conference catalog.

Keyboard Shortcuts Using these shortcuts will reduce the need to stop typing in order to use the mouse to click on various drop-down menus.


These are some of the things that can be done using Excel [mail merge, clip art, rotating text]. To view some examples, click on When to Use Excel to Create a Table or When to Use Word to Create a Table. Comments on the usefulness of these links are welcomed as well as any ideas that could be shared. Please send comments and/or ideas to dsylvestre@eastconn.org or njagaczewski@eastconn.org.


When creating a table, which TOOL is best to use? Excel or Word? Things to consider before starting:

When to Use Excel to Create a Table Excel offers many features for you to use that could make your table more useful. We have some ideas for when to use Excel.

When to Use Word to Create a Table Use tables in Word to create name tags, dress up doucments, or when you don't want to work in columns.

Using Word Tables to Do a Mail Merge


Customize Your Desktop Designing a desktop is unique to each individual. Customizing a desktop can include changing the color of the background, adding pictures, changing Icons or changing Icon names.




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Technology Tips
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